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"STAND AND PROTECT"  brief excerpt & video     

Shannon is in the cafeteria at school. Her Dad, Sam, stops by to bring her lunch because she forgot it at home - again. He's a football coach at Kennedy High School nearby, and Shannon is in the sixth grade. He explains to her why he can't stay and have lunch, however she's distracted because her best friend, Jill, is late.

Suddenly gun shots are heard in the school and screams pierce the air. The teacher tells everyone to get down beneath the lunch tables. Sam looks Shannon in the eyes and tells her to stay there, under a table until he returns, then he runs out down the hallway towards the noise.

After a while, some of the kids start to whisper, "Maybe it's a fire drill. Or a REAL FIRE."

      "Or a bomb."

     "We're all gonna die!"   

 Shannon can't stand it anymore and runs out into the hallway before the nearest teacher can stop her. She has to find her Dad, and Jill...                    

                             From the Book: STAND AND PROTECT 

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