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KT, You are an amazing writer! I loved Stand and Protect, a real page turner. You have such a gift for attention to detail, keeping it flowing, and interesting. I am looking so forward to Nico's Guilt coming out but I do understand publishing taking so darn long. Until then I would love to read the first chapter on your site. You have my vote. Come on friends write her so she will do it. Best to you, Jan LeLand - Author

    Oh my God, i can not believe I finished a book all the way through so quickly. Seriously I couldn't put it down.

Rebekah, MA   

"Stand and Protect" grabs your attention in the first paragraph and holds it all the way through. The characters were alive and breathing and caught my sympathy immediately. A colorful and vibrant cast. The story starts out with the laughter of children in New England in the Fall but quickly turns to a scene that unfortunatley haunts the nightly news far too often - blood and screams in a school room. Most of the action though takes place in bright, sunny Dallas, Texas where a killer stalks a modern luxury apartment complex.                            Above review from Amazon.com



  This book will grab you by the heart from the very beginning. I immediately cared about the characters, and was very pleased with the twists this book takes. The authors of this book appearently know a lot about human behavior. Janet, AZ>

Ohh, I like the sneaky way everything ties together.

You might think you know who the killer is, but do you know which Character is the killer? Sandy, TX

When is the next book going to be available? Can you hurry Please?  Sonny, GA.

I haven't enjoyed a book this much since I discovered JD Robb's Series about Eve Dallas.
A friend gave me this book after he read it. I don't want to give it back. When is it going to be in stores? Judy, TX
I read where someone called these books a thrill ride - I couldn't agree more. ... Michael in California
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