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Quotes Just finished Nicos Guilt.....loved it..... Quotes
Julie Viets Thibodaux

Quotes Lynnette Phillips ? KT, obviously you're a rule breaker and I always say 'if it works don't fix it'! Your description of your book stirred my curiosity so I went to your website--I'm putting Stand & Protect on my 'to read' list! Quotes
from Linkedin

Quotes Nico's Guilt is Awesome! What a ride! Could not put it down! This one has screenplay/movie written all over it! Way to go KT, another absolute hit! Quotes
Paul Spencer
Business Owner

Quotes Guess what I finally had a chance to read this weekend?? Yes, Nico's Guilt! I loved it, KT! I really love that all the characters are running off to interesting new locales-New Orleans and then the Virgin Islands, very cool. Talk about hot men and hot, assertive women!! Love Toni's character-and Nico, well, Nico?? Hot....and ..Hot....and you did a great job developing all the characters at a good clip. Good, realistic dialogue...in general, a nice, fast paced read with a good pay off ending. Geez, just HATED your villain, Ivan! Great work with that, too!. Quotes
Cynthia Cirile
Hollywood Screen Writer

Quotes Wow! This novel steps further into the macabre, with a much more deranged antagonist than in the first book. I found myself again not being able to put it down. The story also takes you deeper into the lives of the main characters and makes you want to know "what is going to happen to them next??" I highly recommend Nico's Guilt, and can not wait for Spy Play! Quotes
Devlin Niles
Nico's Guilt

Quotes What did I like best about he book? The characters obviously but what appealed to me the most was that the story is just constant. It keeps you concentrated on it 100% Quotes

Quotes I think Im in love with Shannon. I've been looking for a girl like her all my life. Is she based on you. Is she in the next book i want to buy it too. Quotes
Jason M.

Quotes Stan Fletcher You tell it like it is KT! Glad to sign on as a fan... Quotes
Stan - from Hubpages
'nother Writer

Quotes Stand And Protect is a "cover to cover awesome ride"! Twists and turns, and a very chilling story line. I found myself really getting to relate to the characters which made the book that much more interesting. If you are looking for a blas`e romance novel, this is not for you, but for the experienced thriller fan ...a must read! Quotes
Devlin Niles
Stand And Protect

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