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 KT Banks

You can contact the Author at KTBanksNovels@gmail.com,  Thrillernovels@gmail.com, as well as Facebook or Twitter.


KT Banks lives in North Texas, with her husband, Kenny, and two of their sons, Beau and Dylan, and two Golden Retrievers, Jagger and Fiona. Their oldest son, Damian lives nearby with his wife, Kayla, and their enchanting daughter, Delaney Grace.

Beau is recently engaged to Chelsea, and Dylan is soon to be engaged engaged to Kat. 

KT Stated; "I want to write books that  people truly enjoy, and that I enjoy writing. My goal, my dream really, is for people to love what I write and how I write it. To love my characters as much as I do. I never set out to write a great work of literature, or even the great American novel. As the late, great Stan Lee said, I think that if you can entertain people, you're doing a pretty good thing!"

And, luckily, that is what has been happening. The books are so good there has been talk in Hollywood of making a movie out of the first book in the series. 

KT has written the series that began with STAND AND PROTECT and also has some upcoming individual books. Readers love the endearing charismatic characters and the interesting twists and turns the stories take.  KT has also written a story for Chicken Soup for the Soul, as well as over 100 articles.



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  * The first book - "Stand and Protect" is based on 20 years in the Multi-Family Business. KT has been a Leasing Agent, Manager, Property Supervisor, District Manager, And The Director of Marketing & Eduction. KT has also been a public speaker on: time management, leasing/sales techniques, motivation, and Real Estate.

They also write Articles for the on-line Magazines, Hubpages, Ezine and the Digital Magazine, Kalon.com   They have Earned Expert Author Status.     

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