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 KT Banks

You may contact the Author at KTBanksNovels@gmail.com OR Thrillernovels@gmail.com

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 KT Banks once said that she thinks she must be related to Bugs Bunny because she just loves to mess with people.   

KT Banks lives near Dallas, TX with her husband, Kenny, and youngest son Dylan. They have 3 sons Damian, Beau & Dylan and their dog, Maggie.

KT Stated; "I want to write books that  people truly enjoy, and that I enjoy writing. My goal, my dream really, is for people to love what I write and how I write it. To love my characters as much as I do."

And, luckily, that is what has been happening.

KT has written the series that began with STAND AND PROTECT and also has some upcoming individual books. Readers love the endearing charismatic characters and the interesting twists and turns the stories take.  



                                                Christmas - 2010

We tried to get Maggie to sit pretty and face the camera, however at the age of 8, she has decided she doesn't want to be treated like a dog and she only does what she wants to do. Good thing she has been raised to behave like a lady.

Dylan is our son standing on the left, asking our son Beau why he had just hit him, Damian is on his knees beside me and behind Maggie, and the gorgeous man behind me is Kenny.

Living with all men, it's a good thing I was so girlie going into this marriage because they are corrupting me. I laugh at "That's what she said jokes, I guiltily like shows like Wipeout and I sometimes can't help talking trash like a player on a sports field. We all just have such a good time together.

Kenny is the perfect husband for me, after 26 years together I still love him madly and for some reason, it's mutual. We think Compromise is the key.

Damian just married Kayla. : )

Beau is in college and happy that he is about to turn 23.

Dylan just graduated high school, and at 6'3" he's the tallest of the three, much to his brother's chagrin. LOL

Kenny loves to play "Disc" golf and softball. He also thinks yard work and landscaping is therapeutic.

I love writing, decorating, and doing everything I can to make sure my family is happy and healthy

  Contact us:   KTBanksNovels@gmail.com OR ThrillerNovels@gmail.com


  * The first book - "Stand and Protect" is based on 20 years in the Multi-Family Business. KT has been a Leasing Agent, Manager, Property Supervisor, District Manager, And The Director of Marketing & Eduction. KT has also been a public speaker on: time management, leasing/sales techniques, motivation, and Real Estate.

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