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Stand And Protect, and Nico's Guilt, are currently available digitally, and in paperback.  

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     If you love  James Patterson,  JD Robb,  Stuart Woods, or  Harlan Coben - series type of books,  you will love the  on-going characters in these novels. They are filled with action, adventure, mystery, hot steamy romance, serial killers,  mobsters, secret agents, spy gadgets, fast cars and fun!

        "Reading a good book is like giving your mind a vacation."  * A Quote by KT BANKS 


    Autographed books are available on this site - or you can get them at Barnes and Noble and other book stores. You can also get the books (not autographed) from on-line book sellers, including Amazon & Kindle.



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    STAND AND PROTECT                        



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          Could someone be watching you?           



"Stand and Protect" is the first  book  in  a  series of  thrillers.

 This book is available individually on our Prizes and Products page, as well as on-line book stores and Kindle



Shannon Murphy is a shy, quiet woman, prone to Panic Attacks. She is nothing like the feisty little girl she had been before she was involved in a school shooting. Now she is a Leasing Agent at a luxury apartment community in North Dallas where she lives and works. Shannon's life is turned upside down when a Serial Killer begins murdering people in the community and she finds the first body. It's even more of a shock when the police start to suspect that Shannon may be on the Killers list of victims.

Also available on Amazon and Kindle!

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